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Marketing Design is important ?

Marketing collateral designs – important to the company


Marketing collateral designs The importance of design is very far from the issue of aesthetics, Design contributes to creating an

identification relationship between the lead lead and your product, and directly affects the decision to purchase.

Most of the time, we have left the visual aspect of our belief that design is unnecessary, and it is only responsible for making things look

more “beautiful”, While design is really essential to creating a dialogue with your target audience, generating knowledge and a personal

relationship with your product.


The importance of marketing design


This confirms the importance of design that it is responsible for technical aspects that make any publication or graphic model more

beautiful when reading, and makes things go in a clearer and smoother way.

In addition to writing the advertisement, the marketing design forms the interface for your advertising campaign and your product: these

two elements constitute the interface: producer – buyer or commissioner – buyer.


Impact of the identity of the marketing company


We know how your company’s marketing identity affects and stipulates what you feel prepared for you, on your purchase decision.

However, although the work of the designer is very important and irreplaceable, you do not need to be a professional to create luxury

graphic models that achieve sales and conversion rate.

And out of the importance of design, we prepared a set of tips for you to follow, you will be able to prepare your photos and drawings, and

make your posts more attractive to click on! ,The importance of design and the most important tips for preparing a successful design!

Use the characters of your customers, To set up a sales page that is truly converting, you first need to get to know your target audience well.

It is enough to go through a supermarket to note that each sector has its target audience well-defined: children’s products differ from adult

products, which in turn differ from personal hygiene products, and so on …,This also applies to the digital products market!

People tend to have a visual relationship with products, so it is very important to work on the topic of presentation in the same way that we

care about quality.

When you get to know your customer’s personality well, your audience belongs to a specific market segment, and you verify that the

graphic model is appropriate for your audience, it becomes a natural process.


Marketing collateral designs


If you are a producer who has just prepared an e-book or educational videos, for example, you may have a set of visual elements that

specifically relate to your product, Use these items to prepare ads, sales pages, and other products that are consistent with what you

initially provided.

This is important, given that the harmony and visual consistency increase the credibility of your ads regarding the product.

Have you thought about setting up an advertisement that is completely different from your selling page, which in turn is not related to your

product itself?

When a user clicks on that ad, he will not find himself what you are talking about, which reduces your chances of this user providing any

information, either an email address or any payment related data.

In order for this not to happen, check the consistency of what you communicate (ad text and design) throughout all your online pages. The

persistence of your posts is one of the critical factors that keep the leads interacting with your page / product.


Be creative in marketing design


Marketing design Nowadays, it is very possible that an advertisement passes unnoticed, whether through the Google Display Network or

through Facebook.

We are surrounded 24 hours a day in front of the computer screen as well as on the cell phone through the Internet memes, videos, news,

and all kinds of visual content, which makes every day a challenge regarding the mission of brilliance in the market.

Nevertheless, avoid paradigms and imitation, try to be creative, and think about ways to communicate with your audience that have not

been discussed by competitors before, Use filters and illustrations, and modify (even if it is within the bare minimum) fees that you will

use in your ads and sales page.


Marketing poster design


We can generally define posters as any printed paper designed for a specific purpose and can be affixed to a wall, the purpose of which is to

read to the reader information about the content of the poster quickly.


Types of posters

There are many posters that serve many purposes “other than scientific and academic posters”, and this type of posters does not have

certain conditions for design, such as scientific posters, because these types of posters frequently use images and colors and it does not

matter the arrangement of their places, because their purpose is Grab the audience’s attention and announce something, even the texts

used in it are few.


Political posters

Its purpose is to announce specific electoral campaigns to market a specific candidate and attract many voters to him, or to express anger

against a specific idea, such as occupation and wars. Some studies of this type of poster have examined their impact (such as the

psychological impact on people).


Advertising and promotional posters

In this type of poster, many colors and images are used in various sizes, in order to draw the attention of customers or the general public to

a specific event to announce, or a specific product, or even trips such as those organized by some travel offices.



Educational posters

This type of poster is designed for educational purposes, therefore it is characterized by simplicity, clarity and the lack of use of colors and

balance between the texts used and images. An educational poster is basically a summary of a specific research idea or project.


Business Signage

Advertising banners which have more than one type, the first is the internal advertising signs that you find inside the distribution and sale

outlets known by the acronym POP or Point-of-Sale Signs, and the other type of signs are the outdoor advertising signs that you find in

roads and streets, beginning with giant signs – Billboards, window signs, signs on trees, banners or posters – Posters, and other outdoor

advertising signs.


Advertising outdoor banners


Most of the use of outdoor advertising signs is with the goals of building a brand, this you will find very clear in the large billboards on the

roads – Billboards that are used extensively by large advertisers, who spend huge amounts of money on them.


 Indoor advertising banners

These signs have 3 main goals:

1- The first goal of indoor advertising banners is persuasion

It is said that 75% of purchase decisions are made in distribution outlets and they are very important statistics, because if you look at them

you will discover that most of the companies ’ads, especially food and fast-consuming products companies – FMCG have no value if they

were not supplemented by a large marketing and promotional effort inside the distribution outlets, and here POP role appears.

2- The second goal of indoor advertising signs is to push the buyer to buy

These signs may direct the buyer to the whereabouts of the product and can offer a special discount when purchasing it or buying a certain

amount of it.

3- There is a third goal as well, which is similar to the goals of the outdoor advertising panels, which is a reminder of an ongoing

advertising campaign carried out by the company in other advertising and promotional media such as the Internet or television, and this

goal is important to achieve but it is not the strength or the primary goal of the internal advertising banners, which as I told you its main

goal is Persuade and pay buyers to buy directly.


The importance of billboards


Among the most important billboards: Banners that allow people who pass by your projects to know the project details, contact details and

the services provided to them.

Attracting the attention of customers and promoting your brand well is one of the most important features of billboards, so every project

needs expressive signs that convey a strong message of what the project or service will provide to customers, these signs are simple details

that are very important in marketing and what you leave in the first impression of customers .


Invitation designs


The Internet and social media are no longer just modern technology, but they also take a very large part of our daily lives, so our pages on

social media that carry our personalities dye our qualities and contain the most important events of our lives, even unimportant ones.


The communication sites allowed us to share our joys, sorrows and special moments, and therefore we became involved in the wedding or

wedding invitations through the communication sites (electronic invitations) became the electronic alternative to the paper invitations.

Which spread widely in the Arab region, especially the Gulf states, and its design became in keeping with the era of informatics and

technology, and from which paper invitations came out.

Electronic invitations are characterized as saving time, effort and money, they are designed in days and sent in minutes, and after they

spread widely, you can design your invitation yourself through a lot of free applications on the computer or mobile phone.


The importance of the company’s graphic design


A successful graphic design is worth a lot, so what would a great and successful graphic design do for your business?

Well-designed parts enable increased sales, establish its name and gain market fame, thereby increasing the profitable base of business.

The elaborate design of the graphics seeks to attract the attention of a large number of people.

Everyone wants change and therefore there is a need to create new things in which graphic design knowledge is very useful. Great graphic

design will help increase sales. A good graphic designer has the ability to improve the readability of your content and attract the reader’s

attention to a message by choosing the right characters, colors, sizes, and images.


The company’s graphic design goals


Increase Sales

Carefully created graphic design pieces can help increase sales. People are attracted to anything unique in design. They get a message of

quality design. The message may be that the design company offers quality products or services. People get messages like this in their

minds indirectly when they see a unique logo design, business card, and other similar designs. This helps bring people closer to companies

again and again.


Establish a company name

Graphic designs also help determine the company’s name in its niche market. Advertising, websites and business cards are undoubtedly

the designs that we all see on a daily basis. And help the success of the company name.


Build goodwill in the market

The graphic designs are great tools to gain confidence and goodwill in the market. If your logo design or other graphic design is of good

aesthetic value, it fills viewers with confidence. They are confident in the company’s products or services, if its design elements appeal to

the senses. Gradually, attractive design will help win customers and many of them become loyal to your business.


Digital Marketing design

Digital design is the design of multimedia, it is all related to the production of multimedia (sound, image, movement), and this is

represented in the study of dimensions and angles, and here the student studies dealing with 3D programs such as 3D Max, Maya and

cinema 4D and others.

Digital design also considers student learning, program interfaces, and how to deal with them and coordinate them in what serves the

learner and explain the properties and lists to how the final rendering is made.

Also studying work on different montage programs and learning the basics of making movies. This includes screen measurements,

shooting modes and characteristics in a simplified way, and how to write the texts of films, whether they are real movies or cartoons, which

is called scripts, and what are the appropriate programs for that.

Students of digital design also learn to work on creating and designing advertising and advertising spots or television and creating fictional

events that are used in cinematic films, and we find them a lot in science fiction films.

It is worth noting that there are a number of programs such as adobe aftereffects or adobe premier and audio editing and engineering

programs such as adobe audition in addition to the basics of web design through many programs, the most important of which is adobe



Animation Marketing design basics


Includes a theoretical explanation of the foundations of the movement and how to mix reality with imagination, there are many programs,

perhaps the most important and most famous of which is Adobe’s Adobe Flash program.

Students are also taught some basics of game design and taking into account the most important principles of work. We note that the

digital design outputs remain inside the computer, meaning that work from its inception until it ends, remains inside the computer.

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