Graphic Design Marketing Advertising

Graphic Design Marketing Advertising

Graphic Design Marketing Advertising


Graphic Design Marketing Advertising  The importance of design in marketing Graphic design is one of the most powerful methods

in the field of business because it contributes to communicating the right image to your company, whether in marketing campaigns or on

the website and helps greatly in increasing sales.

Most employers may be tempted to neglect the graphic design of his company’s products and services without paying attention to its

importance in the competition market, especially nowadays, which are summarized as follows:

  • Brand creative design

The brand is one of the most important slogans that companies owners seek to print in the memory of consumers and customers.

Therefore, it is imperative that this mark be creatively and uniquely designed so that customers can identify it with their visual images

This includes logos and colors that should be printable on promotional items such as pens, bags, shirts, and company symbolic gifts.

  • Graphic Design Marketing Advertising

Graphic designs help in the marketing and advertising process and are a way to tell visual stories where words cannot be expressed.

It also helps to produce visual aids to deliver products and services more effectively.

  • Increase sales

Clients frequently visit the company’s website to see the latest products and services that the company offers that can attract its customers

more through creative designs on the site that encourage them to subscribe or buy services by adding some buttons on the board such as

buying, booking, subscription here.

Social media has become one of the most important ways to communicate with existing and potential clients.

Graphic images in this framework play an effective role to attract them by communicating new ideas through the use of appropriate images

that encourage them to follow the company’s products and services and purchase from them.


Basic rules not changed in the world of Graphic Design Marketing Advertising

  • The consumer is not a stupid person

Numerous statistics have proven that companies that value their customers ’intelligence will be rewarded with great returns.

This rule is very important nowadays as consumers use the Internet to search for the best products and to check guarantees.


  • Use creative ideas

The current era is characterized by a huge number of commercials sweeping our digital world.

Companies need to adopt bold creative ideas to highlight their products and make them part of consumers ’lives by printing them in their minds through a group of commercial advertisements that gently flirt with the feelings of consumers, which contributes to entrenching them in their minds for a longer period of time.


  • Good advertising is what sells the product

The advertisement should attract customers’ attention to the features and features of the product that customers will test to find out the company’s credibility in advertising.

The higher the company’s credibility with customers, the higher its profits.


  • Advertising is not entertainment, but a way to present information

The goal of commercials is to reach out to potential customers everywhere and motivate them to buy the product, so the type of advertising content and how it is to be presented should be checked.

It is preferable not to use too many unnecessary images and sounds that distract from the purpose of the advertisement.


Today’s marketers produce more diverse and different content than ever before.

From articles to social media posts to mailing campaigns, landing pages and websites, they seem to be following time with the behavior of publishers.

The problem here is that you are not alone in producing content, as consumers are now producing their own content, on a large scale, in awesome quantities.

As more than 100 million photos are taken every hour, and a new post is published every half of a second, so how does your marketing message arrive in that crowd?


Define the beautiful design of the company

According to research by DMI – Management Design Institute – on the top five, the companies that make design a cornerstone of their

decisions are 228% ahead of their peers from regular companies or are not using the design properly.

Perhaps Apple is one example of those companies that have focused on design as a cornerstone of everything in their products.

But she is no longer alone in this field anymore, with companies like AirBnB and Xero, which provide evidence that beautifully designed

companies are achieving better results at all levels, from product design to marketing. But what determines the beauty of the design?


The importance of Graphic Design Marketing Advertising of the company

Motivates the user to take action. A beautiful design will motivate the user to become a customer of you if he creates a desire for your

product or service,Reduces his stress. The design should contribute to reducing user concerns about your product or service.

Facilitates the conversion process on it. The design should clarify the action the user should take, and remove any obstructions or

distractions that might make the user reluctant to be your customer.


Graphic Design


There is no doubt that the graphic design is rather incontestable and every confirmation is an important tool to a large extent for the

company, which in turn enhances how you communicate with others. And not only that, but that the graphic design helps you to convey

your ideas in a way that is not only effective.

Even beautiful, too. Graphic design has evolved since the twentieth century, and today we find many new concepts of graphic design.

This field has become an existing science in itself taught in many international universities.

The graphic designer has become one of the most respected people in many countries of the world due to their importance in conveying a

certain image to people and convincing them by their skill in creating attractive visual relationships through dealing with calligraphy, color

and image.

A successful graphic designer is a person who is fully aware that his mission is to satisfy the largest number of tastes.

It is not an easy task, as he knows that he has to deal with many segments of people and ideas that differ from place to place and from

person to person.

On the other hand, the graphic designer is skilled in psychology, as he is aware of the influence of shapes and colors on viewers.

Types of graphic design


  • Meaningful graphic design

Design aims to benefit, it is a way to explain (how) things, for example, how do I buy a specific good, how do I provide services to customers, how do I contact customers, how do I convince them.

More importantly, the design expresses ideas and concepts, and conveys them to a specific audience category such as: age group, income group, gender category.

  • Media Graphic Design

The design conveys (information) to people, perhaps the weather, traffic accidents, warnings of glides in the winter … etc.

  • Graphic design with shapes
  • Negative form / positive form.
  • Bullish form / fallen form.
  • Unbalanced (stable) shape.
  • Back / front.
  • Opacity / transparent area.


How important is good graphic design?

The graphic design is undisputed, and every confirmation is an extremely important tool for the company, which in turn enhances how you communicate with others.

It is worth noting that graphic designers design symbols, design images and design all texts that they use to create ideas for the company.

They use printing techniques, visual arts, and page layout to create visual compositions.

Graphic design makes you look better – Graphic Design Marketing Advertising 

Simply. A good graphic design allows you to give a positive first impression. As human beings, we form initial opinions within seconds.

On the other hand, professionally designed graphic designs will make other people form positive opinions about your product, service, or brand.

A good graphic design distinguishes you from your competition

It is important to know that the graphic design you choose to represent your brand can set you apart from your competitors.

The exquisite design remains in the minds of decision makers and can influence their choices, intentionally and unconsciously.

Of course, people like to relate to things that look good and make them feel good.

By investing in high quality designs, you greatly increase your brand’s ability to stand out in the minds of decision makers.

Graphic design increases reliability and professionalism
  • Design plays an important role in the decision-making process.
  • Companies that invest in high-quality graphic design are seen as more trustworthy.
  • Graphic design can lead to the success or failure of any business.

The more you make a good design, the more it will persuade people and trust you. It is important to present yourself in the best possible

way by investing in high-quality graphic design.

Graphic design provides a consistent idea that resonates with the audience

The exquisite graphic design can sum up these ideas in a way that pleases the eye.

People may not want to read an article trying to persuade them to buy a specific product, but they will be willing to take a look at an image

that serves the same purpose.

In addition, the graphic design should be clear.

It must be visually consistent with your brand in order to build confidence and ensure that your brand is recognized.

The exquisite graphic design gives you this consistency that we all look forward to.

How the design affects the purchase -Graphic Design Marketing Advertising 

Many companies and shop owners do not care about product design and packaging design, and they forget that packaging is what makes the first impression of the product happen to consumers.


Does the first impression have a major impact on the purchase?


Is it the only factor that affects design the consumer psyche, and does design have great importance in the life of the product?

The design role of the company in the life of the product

Design occupies a great importance in the product life cycle, as it affects the purchase process, as it contributes to supporting the marketing campaign, and undoubtedly it also contributes to creating a mental image of the consumer about the company, its products and services, so how does that happen, all of that importance lies in:


Pay attention to design details

Precision in design, pay attention to small matters and take care of them, and bring out the design beautifully and accurately.

It will create consumer reassurance, comfort and a positive, positive image of the product, and it will reflect your accuracy and interest in manufacturing the product to produce the best image as it did in the design.

Create a business identity – Graphic Design Marketing Advertising 

One of the most important things that companies need to do a successful marketing process is building brand identity.

Creating the full identity of colors, fonts and the spirit of design creates the consumer with a affiliation with the company’s products and services, reminds him of them always, and links all the company’s actions to each other in the mind of the consumer.

And it helps to create a map of products and services, which increases the company’s sales and shares


Express product:

Employing creativity and design expertise, if used correctly, can express the product, how important it is and what needs it the customer.

The design may create the need for the customer to purchase the product after seeing the design and convinced of it.

Design and packaging are two inevitable parts of the marketing process, and they win the marketing campaign a great success if used in the form of hope.


Physiological effect on the consumer:

Finally, speaking of creating the consumer’s need, you may have heard about the effect of colors and shapes on a person’s psyche. Mixing red and yellow colors in certain degrees makes the viewer feel appetite and hungry.

Looking at the most famous international restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeye and Hardee’s, we all find them using yellow and red colors, and blue with some shades, we find it used in technical fields such as most social networking sites – Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Whereas it makes us feel safe and confident, and given all these studies the importance of using colors in the marketing and persuasion process.

It is worth noting that specific colors have been developed for each area of ​​life, as restaurants have specific colors, most notably yellow, red and blue, and for education specific colors, as well as for each area of ​​life.

There are also many advantages that the company will gain if it takes care of the design and packaging, which will reflect on the company an increase in sales and shares, a higher social standing, and a greater reputation.


Graphic design and its importance for companies

Graphic design, the designer is a person with no limits to his dreams and no limits for his imagination. He is also an artist of his taste and sense of high and distinctive.

So every day and every moment we see new designs and wonderful new design ideas that were before them in their imagination and became a reality.

The importance of design for the company

The importance of all kinds of design lies in selling the products of the company or institution and promoting and marketing them or marketing their ideas.

The designs can be applied to the banners, logos, identification cards, clothes pins and all the available promotional methods, and this is what the company brand is called.

The brand can also be placed in the company’s interior decoration designs.

Or even the trademark can be placed in comics or even in fictional short films, and it can also be printed on clothes for the purpose of selling them online.


5 essential elements to design a distinctive company logo


Focus on simplicity when designing a logo

The simplest solution is often the most successful. Why? Because the simple logo helps the rest of the elements to achieve the desired goals of the logo.

Make logo design relevant to business

Any logo you design must be appropriate for the company or field it is being designed for.

Are you designing a law firm logo? If you have to get rid of designs or comic models for this work.

Are you designing a logo for a winter product? So the design should not contain a beach ball. This applies to all other areas.

Make traditions part of logo design

When you start working on designing a company logo or identity, it is best to stay away from modern fashion and trends.

Fashion comes and goes quickly and the last thing you need is to waste your time and effort on a design that will become old and boring after a very short period.

It can be revised or refined after a while to revitalize it and give it a new spirit, but the basic idea of ​​the emblem must remain in existence.

Seek excellence in every logo design

The distinctive emblem is the emblem that you can differentiate and easily distinguish from other competitors.

It has unique properties through which it can accurately show the vision and direction of the company’s business. But how can you design a logo with this quality?

Focus on the ease of remembering your logo design

The design that captivates hearts is the design that will remain in the mind of those who see it, even for just a small glimpse.

Imagine the bus riders watching a large road billboard passing by, or a group of pedestrians on a street looking at the emblem of a company drawn on a large truck car passing by for a moment.

These short moments are all that the designer has to offer the impression of the viewers.

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