Business cards Signage Posters and stickers designs

Business cards Signage Posters and stickers designs

Business cards Signage Posters and stickers designs


Business cards Signage Posters and stickers designs and Personal cards are one of the most important things that must be available to any

businessman or company, as personal cards facilitate communication between people and companies greatly, so every businessman or any

person who is presenting to create a new project must have personal cards Distinctive.

Personal card is one of the most important means that makes it easy for you to reach you. Despite the development of communication

methods such as mobile and the Internet, the personal card is still one of the most important means of marketing and communication,

especially if the card is designed in a distinctive way that attracts the attention of others.


The name of the person or company

One of the most important elements that must be contained in personal cards to know the person who will be contacted.

phone number

The phone number must be added with the addition of the country code to facilitate contact with you from anywhere in the world.


The company or office address must be added, and the company’s email is also preferred for easy online communication.

Definition of the company’s activities

This is the most important element of the card, so that people can get acquainted with your business or the activity of your company and

communicate with you in order to obtain the services or products that you provide.

The logo


Any distinguished businessman or distinctive company must have a logo for his company, and this logo must be printed on personal cards.

Choose a distinctive design and appropriate colors

You must choose a distinctive design for the business cards in addition to the colors that must be appropriate and harmonious and draw

the attention of people to the card.

Personalized cards design


Tips for information that should be added to your business card

A good business card is not just a tool for giving out your information hoping for a business opportunity, but an opportunity to

communicate on a personal level with potential clients. For this reason, good business cards will never be replaced by any of the digital

networking tools available to us, because digital tools lack the human element.

So what information should be on the business card?

Here are seven tips that you can use to convert your business cards from a piece of paper that people throw into the trash once they go

home, to a powerful communication agent that attracts opportunities for your brand as a magnet that attracts a bunch of needles.


Before you consider the information that you will add to your business cards, you need to make sure that you include your own logo and

meta description. There is no doubt that the business owner must transfer the business card called your business identity to potential


Anyone holding your business card between his fingers should be able to identify your brand and identify it immediately if it is seen in the

future as well, whether on your website, your business exhibition, your mailing, or even if you are The owner of a traditional profession or

owns a studio.


Name and job title


It’s clear, isn’t it? But you will be surprised that many people make mistakes on this matter. First the name. If your real name is David but

you prefer to call Dave or even Steve (for some strange reason), put the name you prefer on your business card, not your real name. The

business card is not intended to provide information about you in detail, but to provide you with persons who may be interested in talking

to you. Identify yourself as you prefer to be called to avoid embarrassing situations when introducing yourself again at a later time.

What about your job title? As an freelance businessman or superior, you may choose several names in your business. Which of these labels

do you put on your business card? Use the job title that describes your main task in your business – where this task means the work that

potential customers will assign you to do.

Business cards Signage Posters and stickers designs


I cannot tell you how many business cards I received at conferences and networking events where I could not know what the person who

gave me the card was doing. Instead, next to the name is written the CEO, founder, or president. You might think it inspires excellence, but

it is simply not helpful. As I go home, I won’t be sure what a person’s job is or why I should call back. Looking at a card from John,

“Founder of Video Masters,” for example, don’t tell me much. “Is John a video graphed? A video editor? A text writer? Oh, I forgot.” To the



contact information


Contact information is a key component of a business card. If you want people to call you, let them know how. But which of your contact

information should be included on your business card? The keyword you should consider “direct”.


Ruling on the nature of passing it from hand to hand (preferably when in-kind communication), as business cards create a personal

relationship between you and potential clients. You do not want to disconnect this communication by providing potential customers with a

general email on info@DomainNamecom or a public phone line where they will have to go through a digital list and three different servers

before reaching you.

Business cards Signage Posters and stickers designs


On the other end, however, you don’t want the topic to become more personal like giving your home number where your 5-year-old can

answer the phone, or your personal email address hosted at @ This is simply unprofessional.

Always give your direct contact information as a professional and not as a business, while keeping your personal information private.


Business Signage


Most of the time you see a sign in a store like Adidas and this sign is often unconventional, and in this case the maker of this sign has

succeeded in attracting your attention and introducing you to its product and then can benefit from you in many deals.


It is no secret to us the role of the various publicity and advertising methods pursued by all companies and institutions during recent

times, whether large or small in all countries of the developed and developing world.


The importance of publicity and advertising for companies and institutions is evident in bringing high financial returns and raising the

status of institutions and their name high in order to take a distinguished position in the economic and international arena.


Of course this is accomplished when mastering thoughtful and ideal means of advertising that the best competes to follow the most

distinguished and professional ones that bear fruit dazzlingly over time.


The importance of advertising for companies and institutions


  • Advertising is characterized by the differentiation between past and present, with the development of technology and the dominance of social media and its sites.
  • In the past times, the means of advertising were limited to placing banners and posters, then it developed to publish promotional advertisements in newspapers and then television until it reached today to social networking sites such as:
  • Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Where these sites have gathered people from different countries of the world at one table, you can review what food you want and decorate it appropriately, to obtain customer satisfaction and ideal promotion.


Advertising, product marketing

The importance of advertising for companies and institutions in the marketing of products is evident, as those involved in marketing and

promotion of these institutions test the distinct ways of displaying products and clarifying their advantages that attract customers with all

their categories, which brings many financial profits.


Guidance and awareness of various aspects

  • The use of propaganda and advertising methods no longer confined to economic institutions only, but also included governmental, charitable and health-conscious agencies such as:
  • Awareness campaigns on various diseases and ways to prevent them.
  • Or awareness campaigns on ways to conserve the environment.
  • Or propaganda campaigns to participate in the presidential elections or the People’s Assembly.

Trade cooperation locally or internationally

  • The economic system includes raw material suppliers, producers, distributors, and the consumer.
  • They complement each other until the product ideally reaches the consumer.
  • Thus, the means of advertising and publicizing these entities to each other, whether local or international.
Publicity of the global commercial market expanded


Provide jobs.

We have discussed together on this topic the importance of publicity and advertising for companies and institutions and their goals, which

bring economic benefits at the individual and

enterprise level as well as at the level of the international and international commercial market.


Invitation designs


People today are using the latest technological means to communicate with each other, as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp appeared and

everyone spends their time behind computer screens and smart phones, and with this technological progress, the so-called electronic

invitations that facilitate the process of inviting people to different occasions appeared.


Benefits of electronic invitations


Many of us go through many different occasions such as engagement, marriage, birthdays, graduation, etc. On these occasions, many invitations and friends are always invited to attend, so

electronic invitations appeared to enable us to invite all people at any time, and these invitations are characterized by the following:

  • Electronic invitations can be prepared in a simple and easy way.
  • These invitations can be published to reach all persons intended.
  • Work to strengthen the relationships of love between people, which may decrease due to lack of actual communication.
  • Electronic invitations save time and effort, so you don’t need to distribute them to all of the invitees yourself. All you have to do is send the invitation to them electronically in a few minutes.


Invitation via Facebook


It is possible to prepare an electronic invitation through the use of the Facebook site, as it allows the possibility of inviting people to a

specific occasion that the person adds to his personal page, and to invite all friends to an event through Facebook, the following steps can

be taken:


First, go to the event that the person wants to invite friends to, and then click on the “Invite” button, which is located at the bottom of the

cover photo of the Facebook user.


After clicking on the “Invite” button, the type of invitation receipt is then determined, either through the text message, via email or

through Facebook, by clicking on the word “Choose Friends”.


After that, the friends that you want to invite to your event are searched for, and after selecting them all, the “Send Invitations” button is

finally clicked, so that the invitations have reached them via Facebook.


How to make an electronic wedding invitation


It is possible to implement an electronic wedding invitation through a special program for designing the electronic invitation, and this is

done in the beginning by choosing suitable music for the wedding and accompanying the presentation of the electronic invitation, then

after that, some appropriate images are developed which are best for the groom and the bride as the photos that bring them together

during a period The engagement, and then it is arranged with the music through the presentation of the video through various programs.

Some phrases are added in which friends and relatives are invited to attend this happy occasion, and some expressions of happiness and

contentment are placed in the event that the invitation is accepted, and an event is created on social media, with the time and date set for

it, then the electronic invitation video is placed It is then published, and all invited persons are added to the event.


Stickers and labels


It is the design of any piece of paper (of course this was the old way, like black and white film posters, and now it became on the computer

whether printed or shaded inside it) is designed to be an advertisement for something or an advertisement for something.

Posters are a template that includes both text and graphic elements, although the poster may be either entirely images, writings, and ounce

backgrounds only. Both posters are designed to be eye-catching and communicate information. The posters also convey a simple message

… that combines expressive words and pictures.

Posters can be used for many purposes. Whether a product, people, politician, cover, musicians, films, advertising, and aims to deliver a

message to the public, the posters are also used for copies of artworks and works particularly famous, and are usually low-cost compared

to the original artwork.

Another type of poster is an educational poster, which may be about a specific topic for educational purposes. Like books, courses, etc.

Types of advertising posters 


Information labels or commercial labels

This is the type of poster that is designed to inform the public about a specific event or about the launch of a new product or service, even

to share with the public the benefits of the brand being announced. This type of resource must provide the user with the necessary

information in order to be interested in what is being promoted. Media posters must have a specific structure in order to be considered

complete. These must contain a key message, logo, photo and legal terms.


Training stickers

This type of label, unlike information, is not intended to sell a product or service. These are usually used as a way to invite the public to

become familiar with some issues.

This includes stickers that aim to create healthy habits or hygiene in cleaning people, as well as those related to system or safety. The

sectors that tend to benefit from educational posters are education, politics, nonprofits and the health sector.


Content stickers appear on the poster – Business cards Signage Posters and stickers designs


This is one of the most used types of stickers. Show posters have some of the most popular sub-genres are movies and concerts, to a lesser

extent than theater and circus. Of the so-called varieties, the only type still widely used is cinema.

Concert posters, usually singer or music groups, are also frequently used. However, it often ends up being used outside the law, because

they are usually stuck in prohibited places.

In the case of circus posters, they are usually restricted to the vicinity of the venue. The same thing happens with the stage, which is usually

reserved for the fronts of the enclosure itself.


Political propaganda poster


These posters were born during the period of the Great Wars in Europe since the beginning of the last century. Of these events, what is

now known as the political or propaganda poster was born. However, nowadays it is a type of poster for election campaigns or

referendums. But unlike the years of the war, the content of these posters is now regulated.


Fashion poster


This is the latest most used poster today. It is a material with well-defined content, which is frequently used by major brands in the fashion

world and important store chains.

The main element of this type of poster is a template image next to the advertiser’s logo or a usually very short logo.Business cards Signage

Posters and stickers designs


Beauty and hygiene poster

This advertising poster features highlighting hygiene and beauty products such as perfumes, creams and other items. It is usually used to

launch new products or as a promotion for famous lines.

Also, it is a very used resource for promoting products in certain seasons of the year. Therefore, they are usually very common on

important dates like Christmas, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. As in fashion, it is used by major brands.


Corporate poster

This alternative is related to major companies, whether in sectors such as banking, electrical, industrial, and others. Most of the time it is

used to spread the brand in a general way. However, it can also be used to launch some kind of new product or service.


Corporate campaign poster

In this case, these posters are related to public administrations, organizations and NGOs. It is usually used for campaigns targeting the

general public.

In these cases, the reflex is expected from the audience, because the goal is usually to raise awareness about a specific issue. These posters

promote safety, accident prevention, health, environmental and other issues.

Business cards Signage Posters and stickers designs

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